Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fast cut!

kerjaya? maintain,
kewangan? alhamdulillah,
impian? insyaAllah dalam perjalanan,
desire? working on it !
love? ehem2x, alamak! right now cannot talk bout dat !
i know i made a lot things wrong, but i know, i can do it right someday,
soon enough ! :siclaro:

btw, sian blog ni, aq bukak time aq ada masalah jek, hoho,
xpela, blog la peneman time kalo de masalah, time heppy pun ada jgk share2 ngn blog ok !
and here goes nothing, focus on clear ride, unmount the distraction, bring ur road ahead, and shoot on ! *ayat campur2 skit istilah time shooting, haha

p/s: if u know me, 'give up' isn't in the life, there is just 'patience' and 'work smart'