Tuesday, July 26, 2011

engine starts moving now

uhuk2x, berhabuk betul blog ni,
haha, kesian,
nk update berkali2 tapi malaz nk post,
byk giler post yg pending, haish,
ape pun, got something to share here, :D

this coming week,
moving on to new chapter of my life,
will be enjoying, and same time struggling,
body will be on flabbergasting,
to strive with the challenge coming ahead,
pray to God so that i can go through,
praying and working hard, but use the smart way,
can be my new motto i think,

path chosen, no turning back,
good to me, good to everyone,
bad from me, will goes to everyone also,
and that part, hope it'll not haunted me,
and special thanx, to my family,
for giving me their support,
without their blessing,
neither me nor this will happen,

oeh ! apa ni kecek2 mat saleh, aiyoo,

p/s : inilah namanya english edukesyenn, :P