Sunday, October 2, 2011

lagi lagi

kesian blog ni, da lama xberhapdet, da berhabuk da,
ok got so many things to share, but got not much time also,
i've move on into next stage of my life, i.e ; working,
now as video editor at CST Production,
life become hectic and meaningful,
skarang time keje la rasa macam jadi student lagi best giler,
time jadi student rasa macam tertekan ngn assigment,
rasa macam da xmo blaja, rasa macam maw keje jea,
but its allright, sure i can handle the pressure,

n for the other part of my life,
still going on great,
biasa la, ada naik turunnya,
ok bye~

p/s : langit xselalu cerah, but feeling so heppy rite now, ^_^